Bilenky Junkyard Cross & SSCXWC 2013

A bunch of Tatitos converged on the lovely city of Philadelphia a few weeks back for two action-packed days of some of the most absurd cyclocross racing in North America: Bilenky Junkyard Cross and SSCXWC. The promoters, the competitors, the weather, the bikes, and the city did not disappoint.

Of course, Philadelphia has more to offer than just great racing. We sandwiched in the usual Tativille road trip fare: great coffee, used books, art museums, cats, thrift shops, frites belges, more cats, wordplay, and a history lesson on the city's urban renewal.

Red Bull was there with a super scary flying drone. They made a video.

Thanks to diesel engines, creative carpooling, and the hospitality of our Philly expats, costs came out to a paltry $24 per person per day - including very good food. Perhaps this will inspire more Chicagoans to explore events outside the region? All the racers looked great, and nobody seemed to contract tetanus. Oh, and Liz won the overall at Junkyard, so there's a pretty neat trophy sitting in the shop window.