It turns out, in fact, that moving the shop 2km northeast changes just about everything. Being across the street from Heritage is one thing. But being on a block with five yoga studios, well, that's another thing altogether. Or maybe not. In fact, with each passing day, I think it might actually be the same thing.

Over the weekend I dug out some old photographs. The new shop has pretty rad natural light and ceiling high enough to afford some decorations. As I was going over them, a friend from the new neighborhood popped in. She's a set designer who works in local theater. After looking over the small showroom for about two minutes, she suggested that maybe it should be decorated like Don Draper's office in Mad Men. I nodded, and told her that she was the third person to come to this conclusion. "You should get that little bar he has, and just serve pastis instead of Old Fashioneds." she said. Is this the kind of advice customers give other shop owners, I wondered.

That night, I started sketching out the new inventory plan. It's going to be pretty awesome, but will take some time to really put together. Maybe a few months, maybe an entire year... but there's time. The showroom has a great preexisting little alcove which will make a great dressing room. It's already illuminated, and just needs a nice curtain and a mirror. One wall will be entirely filled with clothing. Over the next few weeks Vulpine, Search & State, Tenspeed Hero, Cedar, Ibex, Café du Cycliste, Giordana, and a ton of vintage gear will fill the shelves.

The bicycle side is even nuttier. Projects that have been stewing from the shop's inception are all coming to fruition at the same time. So in addition to the revamped line of the shop's house brand steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon offerings... you'll soon be able to find Pegoretti, Cherubim, Kualis, Calfee, Spooky, Honey, and later this year some interesting small runs by Humble Frameworks and Geekhouse. On the semi-custom side you can order complete bikes from Argon18, Focus, Velo Orange, Soma and Public... like everything else in Tativille and unlike every other shop I know of - each one of these builds includes handbuilt wheels stock.

And then there are the spinoff projects: Milkbar, Zefbikes, TATIPRIX, and the custom wheel shop...

This is all so overwhelming. I think I'll head across the street and have a cup of coffee.