Serge Teaser

After five years of experimenting with the platform, Serge is ready for prime time and will be productized for 2013.

Serge is a super Zef carbon road racing bike manufactured in Taiwan, assembled right here in Chicago, and hand painted to perfection down the road by Chester Cycles. It's the latest model in the TATI Signature lineup, comes with a two year warranty and a sick crash replacement program (ie wholesale for the frame, 50% off labor for the rebuild) so you can feel free to bump elbows with abandon during the crit season.

Highlights: 8 sizes. ~925g in 54cm, choice of BB30 or English, tapered HT, UD carbon (but they're all painted so only you'll know).

Yes, Serge is named after M. Gainsbourg.

2013 signature colorways: Porsche Peridot & Matte Black.


Drivetrain: Campagnolo Veloce Cockpit/seatpost: EIS Tape: Lizard Skins DSP Tires: Challenge Open Tubulars Wheels: Handbuilt standard TATI road wheels, built to customer spec Assembly compounds: Campagnolo grease & Tacx carbon paste Does not include pedals, saddle

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Available from February 2013.

A bit more about the crash replacement program... the sad truth is that every time we race our bikes, there's a legitimate chance of crashing, and therefore of something breaking. And it's quite true that every component, whether it's made from titanium, steel, aluminum, or carbon, can fail depending on the circumstance. Here at TATI we see dozens of bikes likes this each year. For a small percentage, the damage is so extreme that it's not worth salvaging. But increasingly, it makes economic and environmental sense to have the carbon repaired. We have a great relationship with Ruckus Components in Portland, one of the leading carbon repair companies in the world. If your Serge happens to get chipped up, we'll ship it off to Ruckus, AND LOAN YOU A RAD HULOT FRAME AT NO CHARGE while your frame is being repaired. Nuf said, yo!