Roubaix Season

Tatitos bum rushed the show at Battenkill and Hillsboro today. As usual for our novice squad, most were experiencing their very first road race. There were cobbles. There was deep, loose gravel. There was pouring rain. There were crashes. There were stitches. And there were attacks. And more attacks. There were scuttled plans, improvisation, suffering, grit, frustration, camaraderie, elan, grief, relief.

For the third year running, a TATI M4 brought home a Hillsboro podium brick, with Michael Berman securing third after spending much of the race initiating moves and winnowing the field down to twenty riders.

Katie Mann had the breakout performance I've been anticipating since she first showed up to cross practice on(and went on to race) her thirty pound Bianchi road bike. Her fifth place at in the W4 field is the best placing ever for a TATI woman at Hillsboro.