A bicycle that matters is a bicycle that you’ll ride. If you’re lucky, it will also fit well, function flawlessly, and meet your unique aesthetic ideal. It needn’t cost a lot, or be shiny and new, or sport the latest technology or trendy components. For a lot of folks, the bike that matters most is the one they’ve owned the longest, the one that’s been there over the years for rides both big and small.

Bicycles shouldn’t be stepping stones. Upgrades aren’t a thing. And in a world of rapid depreciation and easy access to a global market of lightly used equipment, it’s one’s patience, and not finances, that lead to the unfortunate purchase of a compromise. To be sure, more often than not, the most interesting and practical solution to the question of a new bicycle is not a new bicycle at all. And if this is the path you’re seeking, Tativille is more helpful and encouraging than many commercial resources.

But there are circumstances where the correct answer is something new. And in these cases, you’ll find a very narrow selection available in Tativille. A charitable view might be to call the lineup curated, but a more accurate descriptor is probably “edited”. Are Breadwinner, Calfee, and Pommes Frites the best bicycles in the world? Of course not. But each of these brands, while very different from one another, share a core set of values held very tightly here in the sometimes frustratingly antiquated world of Tativille. Durability. Minimalist aesthetics. Simple, straightforward craftsmanship. Round tubes. Repairability. Threaded bottom brackets. Non tapered head tubes. Classic angles. 27.2 seatposts. Horizontal top tubes. Frame pump compatibility. Etc, etc etc.

I can personally vouch for the quality and design of every detail of every frame and its full production cycle. There’s no marketing speak, fake science, meaningless performance metrics, or sexy paint jobs to instill desire. All are available with S&S Couplers for next level travel capabilities. While calling them “timeless” risks hyperbole, these are not bicycles meant for obsolescence. Even as your personal cycling narrative ebbs and flows, this is the bicycle that you will keep returning to, because it’s a bicycle that was designed with flexibility in mind, and an acceptance that lifestyles, bodies, and geography are all temporal, and it’s this intentionality that matters.