Tativille was the companion blog to Tati Cycles, a one-man speciality bike shop in Chicago. The originator, known only as J, has since moved on to other things. J's writing on racing, cycling, bikes, culture, and art was very influential to me as I discovered cycling culture.

The domain associated with the shop has long expired, and the blog has gone offline. I downloaded an archive of the site from February 23, 2015, and am working through scraping the WordPress cruft from the rendered files and updating the archive of articles. From what I can discern, J migrated some posts to Tumblr sometime in early 2015, and I was able to retrieve them with the Tumblr API. Those posts are all dated March 15, 2015, but probably came from some time between the two archive dates.

Here is the great writing of Tati, broken into Markdown files and hopefully archived forever. This is nowhere near the comprehensive list (400+ articles), so if you have more content stashed away that isn't listed here, feel free to email it to me for inclusion. Long live Tati.