SSCX, FGCX, and Campagnolo builds only.

Every bike is professionally built to order and includes a dynamic fit session, a highly invasive interview process & moto brake routing.

Model Material Source Price Lead Time
Bob Jackson Steel UK $900 8 Weeks
Calfee CX Carbon USA $2500+ 12 Weeks
Cherubim CX Steel Japan $2500+ 16 Weeks
Focus Mares Carbon Taiwan $1800 2 Weeks
Focus Mares Aluminum Taiwan $700 2 Weeks
Honey CX Steel USA $1800 8 Weeks
Ibisspan Hakkal├╝gi Carbon Taiwan $1800 2 Weeks
Kualis CX Steel or Ti USA $2800+ 16 Weeks
Traitor Crusade Steel Taiwan $600 (late October)
TATI CX Steel Taiwan $600 2 Weeks
TATI CX Ti Taiwan $1000 2 Weeks
TATI CX Aluminum USA $1200 8 Weeks