According to my calendar and thermometer, Spring is yet a few weeks away – but according to my inbox and workload, it hit last week.

Wheels are rolling out of the shop at breakneck pace, and we’re queueing up the first marathon tubular gluing session of the year.

KCNC has sent along a few things… something old, something new, something titanium, and something blue. I like about half of what KCNC puts out, to be honest. Some of it’s a little precious. Some of it’s overpriced. But lately, they’ve delivered a whole series of smart and small accessories that are relatively affordable, yet pleasantly featherweight. The front derailleur clamp is a joyful little bauble. At 15g and only $15, it’s less expensive than SRAM and Shimano’s far heavier equivalents. And it comes in a rainbow of colors! As for their $35 CNC alloy & ceramic bearing jockey pulleys, well, all I can say is that if you’re running Red/Dura-Ace/Record and riding enough to wear out the stock pulleys, you’d be crazy *not* to replace the dead ones with these. And not to be forgotten, the Scandium KCNC seatposts cost a few bucks more than a Thomson Elite, but are less expensive and far lighter even than the Masterpiece.

Speaking of precious… the Mopha Tool Roll is just about the most precious piece of handmade kit we’ve seen in a while. Lovingly sewn one at a time in Seattle, the $38 Tool Roll is… well, exactly what it sounds like: a handly little satchel that holds a tube, some tools, and a few other bits and securely fastens under your saddle with a custom leather toe strap. I keep a spare tubular, my banged up Zippo, a crumpled pack of Gitanes, and a couple of Benjamins in mine. If you have to ask Why? then the Mopha is not for you.

It’s true. We are the only shop in the world stocking Kelly Take-Offs. This fact merits a much more expansive and dedicated post for sure, but I can say that, even… what, fifteen years on – these things are pure genius. Simple. Lightweight. And the most inexpensive approach to integrated drop bars shifting. They are flying off the shelves.

If you haven’t already, you might want to consider scheduling an appointment to have your spring road rig overhauled. Like any good PRO shop, we don’t skimp when it comes to analyzing absolutely everything before returning the bike in perfect working order to you. Lately there have been a lot of roasted freehubs coming through the workshop.

We may not have a Big Row of Built Bikes or a laser fitting system or the bike that Fabian Cancellara rides, but… Fun and exciting things that you won’t find anywhere else in Chicagoland arrive here every day. You should come buy some of it, because, quite frankly, you’re just going to feel stupid if you spend any more money at the Performance Superstore, a little dirty buying from Chain Reaction. Instead of feeling stupid and dirty, shopping at TATI will make you feel special and maybe even a little chic. That’s not to say that this little shop is superior to the half dozen other Chicagoland shops that actually TRY. We just have a higher ratio of goodies that don’t suck to those that do, and besides… where else can you listen to Serge Gainsbourg and Lupe Fiasco while flipping through the latest issue of Rouleur?